A pandemonium pandemic

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash


The 2015 Ted Talk by Bill Gates


Ralph Baric
Doctor Li Wenliang


Bangladesh Stock hits a record low
Source: Facebook
Jorg Greuel/Getty Images

Apathy and Social Disorder

Empty shells due to panic buying
Source: Facebook
AC (Land) Sayeema punishing two elderly people for not wearing face masks
Police in India going hardline to implement janta curfew.
Bangladesh police enforcing lockdown through public humiliation
Chinese Migrants rallying against surging racist attacks upon them

Fake News


A quick flowchart of a contact tracing

Meritocracy vs Democracy

Creeping authoritarianism

Source: Al Jazeera



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Fattah Fathun Karim

Love to explore and learn interesting things. This blog is a way to organize my thoughts on certain topics and communicate them with my friends and peers.